Therapydia Annual Assessments for Injury Prevention

Chronic pain doesn’t suddenly happen – it’s made up many smaller injuries that are either preventable or largely correctable by changing the way you move. From sitting to standing, improper movement leads to pain and injury that can impact your life. At Therapydia, we believe in preventative care and want to help our patients stay injury free. Injuries not only impact you financially with the cost of rehab and loss time at work, but it also impacts your personal activities. This is why we developed our variety of Annual Assessments to help you identify your unique injury risks and create a custom plan to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, endurance and posture. By setting your baseline movement metrics and tracking them over time, we help you prevent injuries and chronic pain.
injury prevention assessment


With the help of advancements in medicine and technology, people are living longer than before. To maintain a healthy and active lifestyle throughout your lifetime, people need actionable metrics on the health and movement patterns to prevent injuries and the dreaded fall. Our Balance Assessment provides seniors with all the tools they need to track and cultivate their body’s health and wellness. This assessment hones in on key aspects of daily routines and activities that are most important to today’s senior including proper balance, posture and flexibility to enable them to safely playing with grandchildren or go on stroll without joint pain.


If the rise in popularity of fitness trackers and the quantified self movement has taught us anything, it’s that our generation wants to observe their health levels and improve over time. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, you can benefit from our Performance Assessment. Our physical therapists are structural and functional movement experts and they can access how minor biomechanics inefficiencies can impact your performance and potentially lead you to injury and pain. During your Performance Assessment, we will review what activities/sports you partake in and will help you uncover how to prevent sport-specific injuries to reach your performance goals.


Our Ergonomic Assessment is for anyone who wants to monitor their health and avoid injury. Having good posture and symmetry between our right and left side is crucial to leading an injury and pain free life. Whether you work in an office or manufacturing environment or just want to improve your overall posture to avoid injury, this assessment will give you a comprehensive understanding of your overall movement patterns and how to improve them.

Group Pricing

We offer a 15% discount on any of the above assessments for groups of 5 or more. This special pricing is perfect for companies, athletic teams and assisted living homes. For groups, we may also be able to provide on-site services.

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