Golf Swing Assessment

Golf fitness has evolved over the years requiring top athletes to take better care of their bodies to tolerate the increased power, repetitions, and demands of a swing. Titleist Performance Institute has spent two decades studying the “The Body-Swing Connection”. Utilizing the latest research in golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), our physical therapists perform an analysis of a golfer’s physical and movement limitations, as well as their golf swing. This information is part of their certification courses, which helps our medical professionals identify pathology and limitations associated with your swing, as well as find ways to improve the quality/efficiency of your swing. This assessment will help to correct any golf specific deficits that may affect a golfer’s game.

What To Expect During Your Golf Assessment

We offer one-on-one TPI Golf Assessments, giving you the opportunity to experience the same physical assessment and fitness training as the pros. The TPI Golf Assessment identifies areas of imbalances and our physical therapist will provide you with exercise programs to correct any handicaps. By improving your overall golf posture, you will have increased endurance and performance, as well as reduce your chances for golf related injuries.

During your golf assessment, we utilize TPI’s cutting-edge assessment process to uncover your biomechanics limitations related to your golf swing. After the swing assessment and screening, our certified professional will perform corrections of any limitations discovered and create an individualized home exercise program to address your needs.

Benefits Of A TPI Certified Physical Therapist

With the TPI certification, you can have the confidence that you will receive the top clinical knowledge paired with a high level of understanding of the kinematic sequence, body-swing connection, and required range of motion and strength specific to golfers. As a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Tyler Patrick is trained to take golfers through a three-step process that is designed to improve their flexibility, strength and power, and eliminate any pain that might be hindering them on the course. With better fitness, mechanics and health, you will not only improve your game but also your longevity.

For physical therapy patients who are golfers, we can incorporate the TPI Golf Assessment into your return-to-golf treatment program so you can start swinging again faster.

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