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3 Cross Training Exercises For Runners

If you’re a runner training for a big, or little, race, cross training is important to keep you injury free. If you just started to run and are going from couch to 5k, or a general training plan to run your first half marathon or marathon, you might want to swap out a running day with a cross training day to make sure that you don’t get an overuse injury.

Single Leg Deadlift with a Row

single leg deadlift runner
• Feet hip width apart knees should be soft, hold the kettle bell handle in your hand.
• Hinge your hips as you lower the bell
• When you’re as parallel to the floor as you can be, bring your elbow up to your side.
• Lower the bell and use your hips/ gluts to bring your self vertical again. your focus should be on balancing on the foot thats on the ground.

Walking Lunges with Medicine Ball

walking lunges with a medicine ball

• Hold the medicine ball close to your torso
• Take a lunge forward with your left leg and rotate the ball over the leg.
• In one movement bring the ball back to center and bring your right knee in the air to get into position to lunge over your right leg.

1.5 Kettle Bell Swings

1.5 kettle bell swings
• Stand with one leg in front of the other with enough space between your legs to swing the Kettlebell.
• Your back heel should be off the floor
• Swing the bell back towards your butt and use your hip to thrust it forward around mid chest level.
• Remember to switch to do the other side.

Try these to weed out those weak links so that you can be a bulletproof runner.