Annual Assessments By Physical Therapists – Why Should You Care

Nobody waits until their teeth are rotting out to see a dentist. It is ingrained in us to see a dentist twice a year for a routine checkup because the health of our teeth is connected to our overall health. But what about the health of your musculoskeletal system? You use it every moment of your life from sitting to sleeping. With a yearly analysis of your movement patterns you can stop injuries in their track.

In today’s world, we see a pandemic of chronic neck, knee, shoulder and back pain.  Most patients who come to see us did not experience sudden injuries – they have suffered from slowly growing chronic pain. Most often these problems are either preventable or largely correctable by changing the way someone moves: sitting, standing, bending / squatting.

Chronic pain can easily result from lots of little injuries that add up during the day from moving incorrectly. If left uncorrected, improper movement can greatly accelerate degenerative changes within one’s joints leading to further pain and debility.

Don’t wait for degenerative changes to occur. See a physical therapist every year to discuss any minor aches and pains, correct any flaws in your movement patterns and benchmark your movement patterns over time.

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