Christmas & Fitness Gadgets!

Okay, so this year on my Christmas list, I put down that I wanted gold, frankincense and myrrh.
For your own personal Christmas list, I complied a fun list of fitness related products below.
~Dr. Brett Carey, DPT

1. Solo Shot 2
The 2nd edition of an already great product. Solo Shot 2 is robotic cameraman that tracks you via a receiver arm band. I own the first edition myself. It has proved to be an incredible way to improve athletic performance through visual feedback.
 2. Apple Watch

There are still lots of unknowns regarding this device. What I suspect is that with a new tool Kit development program available, start ups will flock to make an abundance of apps. The new Apple Watch will probably have a better feature set than all current wearable combined.
apple watch
3. Waterfi ipod shuffle
Are you an aquatic endurance athlete? This waterproof ipod shuffle may be just the way to keep you from getting bored during long swims and paddle sessions.
P.S. I didn’t buy this device, instead I injected silicon grease for $7 and stuck my ipod shuffle in a ballon – seems to work well – try at your own risk!
4. Rumble Roller massage ball
I wouldn’t trade my rumble ball (extra firm) for any other myo ball. The spikes keep the ball from getting high centered around areas such as the shoulders and the hips.
5. Hitcase
Turn your iphone into an action camera. I haven’t used the Hitcase myself but intend to. Your iphone already comes with a great camera, why not use the camera you already have for your action sports needs?
I love surfing big, frightening waves, those are moments I want to remember for life. This product seems like a good outlet for storing such memories.

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